Public Speaking & Podcast Appearances

Easterseals Speech

Jenny was the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for Easterseals Colorado. She spoke about how attending their summer camp as a kid helped shape her into the person she is today.

Employment First Summit 

Jenny shared what it was like growing up with a disability, the services she has been able to utilize and what her life is currently like working in the sports media field. 

Overcoming Obstacles and Turning Struggles into Success Stories

Jenny loves sharing her life story and motivating people to get what they want out of life. Whether it is choosing a career path, staying focused on your goals or simply living everyday to the fullest; she’s here to let you know that everything is possible!

Bad Idea Podcast

Overcoming the odds and resilience; are useful both in life and sports.

EFAP Podcast

Jenny was a guest on the EFAP podcast to discuss her employment journey.

RAMP Podcast

Jenny and her mom Barb were interviewed by Tina Guenette Pedersen, Founder/President and CEO of RAMP. They discussed what it is like for Jenny to navigate through life as a quadriplegic.

Turn Struggles Into Success Stories with Jenny Siegle 

In today’s episode Jenny Siegle shares how she was paralyzed at nine months of age from Transverse Myelitis. She is an incomplete C4/C5 quadriplegic and uses an electric wheelchair for her daily mobility.

She takes us on her journey of how she took every opportunity given to her (along with her exceptional upbringing, attitude & mindset) and built a successful career as a sports producer, writer, public speaker and disability advocate.

More Than A Fan: Sports Production With Jenny Siegle

Though she initially wanted to be a doctor, Jenny Siegle found herself moving towards the world of sports production. Now, she is a producer for Altitude Sports, and does production work for a bunch of Colorado-based teams. We spoke about work expectations of disabled people, and how those compare to the expectations that we have for ourselves.

"Jenny Siegle is a rock star! She is committed to promoting access for people with disabilities. She shows by example how one person can be effective in resolving challenges. She does with a smile on her face and true determination. Her influence is far reaching. It has been a great honor for me to participate with her on Capitol Hill. She is always willing to take on these issues that affect so many people. She understands that many of these issues are a long, fought battle, but we know she will not give up!"

Weesie Walker

Executive Director / National Registry of Rehab Technology Suppliers