Jenny has been advocating since she was in elementary school. She first spoke to the Joint Budget Committee when she was just eight years old so that she could stay mainstreamed and attend her home school. Jenny also had to speak with the school board so that she could attend her home middle school because they wanted to bus her to a school across town because it was the “accessible” one in the district.

Jenny began advocating at the national level in 2009 for continued access to Complex Rehab Technology. She has consistently traveled to Washington DC to speak to her Congressional Representatives and Senators about the need for a Separate Benefit Category within the Medicaid program for Complex Rehab Technology. Her work doesn’t stop there though! Jenny continues to build on those relationships that she established on Capitol Hill when she’s back in Colorado.

NRRTS Consumer Advocate of the Year

Jenny was named the 2020 NRRTS Consumer Advocate of the Year for all the advocacy work she has done to ensure individuals with disabilities have continued access to Complex Rehab Technology.

Disability Awareness

In 2019, Jenny joined forces with some wonderful people she has met while advocating in Washington DC. They established Unite4CRT, a group created to not only continue fighting for CRT, but also to educate the population about what it is like to live with a disability.

“Jenny has been an enthusiastic CRT advocate for over 10 years, fighting diligently for every bill that has been introduced in Washington D.C. She is a valuable resource in her community, at work, and in the CRT community. Jenny openly attributes her active lifestyle to the ability to have the specialized equipment she needs.”

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“She is active on social media and shares her story whenever she is asked through articles and video. She faithfully attends the CRT Conference each year and is unafraid to approach her legislators with information they need to understand complex rehab technology and the needs of the CRT Community. Jenny understands and values the role of the supplier in her own ability to lead an active lifestyle.

Jenny facilitated the formation of the new coalition, #Unite4CRT, and has been a driving force in planning the monthly town hall meeting topics and discussions. As the host for these meetings, Jenny’s warm and welcoming personality ensures that everyone feel welcome. She is able to initiate and encourage discussion for a diverse audience. She embodies the group’s mission, “Bridging the gap between the perception and the reality of living with a disability.”

Amy Odom

NRRTS Director of Marketing and Operations
Annette Hodges / NRRTS Director of Education