Jenny Siegle

Producer | Advocate | Speaker

About Her Work

Jenny Siegle is a full-time producer for Altitude Sports in Denver, Colorado. After working in this industry for almost two decades; Jenny knows that sports fans want to get the headlines, but have it delivered in a unique and entertaining way. In addition to her productions that air on Altitude Sports, her work has landed in publications such as Mile High Sports Magazine and the Buffalo Stampede. Jenny also works as a replay operator for the Colorado Rockies during baseball season and in 2021 she joined the Denver Broncos Public Relations game day staff.

She is currently producing You Bet Tonight, a sports betting show that recently launched in October 2021.  Some of her other productions include the Fantasy Football Hour; a nationally syndicated show that was seen coast to coast, Let’s Talk Sports with Vic Lombardi, Colorado Rapids pre-games and games, Colorado Mammoth games and various sporting events for the University of Denver.  Jenny has had the privilege of covering the 2007 World Series, the Super Bowl 50 victory parade, the 2021 MLB All-Star game and the 2022 Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Final.  

Jenny was Ms. Wheelchair Colorado in 2004, enjoys public speaking and is a disability advocate.

She graduated with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Northern Colorado in 2004.


Sports Producer

Ms Wheelchair CO 2004

Public Speaker

“I personally have known, and have worked with and for Jennifer Siegle since she was eight years old. I know no other individual with such strength of character, grace, and charm. Witnessing Jenny grow into the professional and independent woman she has become has been a great personal experience. As her Physical Therapist, I have supported her wheelchair seating needs for the last 16 years. As a client of mine, she has proven to be reliable, involved, aware and educated and thus able to advocate for herself in a manner I have rarely witnessed in my 31 years of professional practice. Even at a very young age she advocated for, and became the first youngster to receive, a power wheelchair. Since then there has been no stopping her.”

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“As an educator, Jenny has supported Ride Designs’ wheelchair seating courses for Assistive Technology Professionals. Jenny provides real-life opportunities for our attending professionals to get hands-on, practice new skills, and learn directly from one of the most highly skilled users of Complex Rehabilitation Technology (CRT), Jenny. Her presentations are inspiring, humorous (often at my expense), provocative and challenging, always ending in a reasonable, but important call to action. Course reviews typically reveal Jenny’s involvement as critical to the course’s success.

I have also witnessed Jenny at work as a sports producer for Altitude Sports. Her disability disappears! The level of respect she earns, and the competent leadership she provides is remarkable.

In 2009, I invited Jennifer to join the CRT industry event in Washington DC as a consumer advocate in support of a separate benefit category. Her powerful and personal messaging regarding the importance of access to CRT has helped move the needle significantly towards a much broader understanding and support of these bills amongst Colorado House, Senate members, and beyond. Since then, she has become a critical consumer advocate, returning to Capitol Hill annually to join our industry in support of consumer access to CRT.

In closing, my client, colleague, and friend, Jenny Siegle, is a personal and national treasure. Her powerful leadership is driven by a deep-seated sense of justice, knowledge, compassion and advocacy. She is an inspiration, and worthy of anyone’s attention that is fortunate enough to meet, visit, employ, or simply listen to her.”

Thomas R. Hetzel

Aspen Seating